Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The War

I hate to be a downer again, but there is so much that is bothering me, some of which I cannot blog about right now.  One of the things I can write about is the war of Russian aggression.  
Many of you know that I went on my mission to Russia.  What you don't know is that my mission was split while I was there.  Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan were taken from my mission and made into the Armenia, Yerevan mission.  
The last city I served in was Sochi, the last family I taught lived south of  a suburb called Adler.  From their window you could actually see the mountains in Abkhazia.  During the time I was there, the war in Chechnya was going on.  I often saw the UN Land Cruiser.    I do not understand all the reasons for the new fighting, but I do know that people I love dearly can hear bombs going off.  They can feel the aggression just over the hill, and my friend was just diagnosed with cancer right before the tanks started massing.  The war may seem far away and obscure to you, but I have seen the hills and mountains they are fighting on.  I have been within a mile of the Georgia/Russia border.  The war is in the backyard of my consciousness.  I would almost rather be closer to it, so that I could be doing something besides watching it on the news.

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Tiffany said...

So fun to see your blog and get all your family's nicknames!

I'll be checking back!!