Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sunday Funnies Dictionary

Dancing Monkey- aka Monkey- Desitin.

One day Tiger picked up an almost empty tube of Desitin and said, "Look Mom, its a dancing monkey." He then danced the tube on the top of the counter as if it really was a dancing monkey. After that I would ask him to bring me the tube and he would only understand if I asked for the "monkey." So now it is called "monkey" and is universally understood in this house to mean Desitin.

I guess I will have to call hooligan-type behavior "being a gibbon" or "being a lemur." "Monkey" is out.

Tiger speaks his mind.

A few weeks ago Tiger asked me: "Mom, how do you buy a sister?"

I had no good response then, and I still don't.
How much does a 3 year-old really need to know on that subject anyway?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mistaken Identity.

4 times in the last week I have had long moments where I mistook Blanket for Tiger. These often happen in the half-light of morning or at other less-than-fully-awake moments.
The first time I thought they had switched beds, but then I remembered that Blanket was wearing red pjs and Tiger was wearing shorts. The body in Blanket's bed definitely had on red pjs, I just thought that it couldn't be him, he looked oh, so grown-up.
The second time Blanket came into the bedroom to wake me up and I saw his head as he came into the room. When did he get taller than the top of the mattress? Oh, right. Tiger's WHOLE face is visible above the mattress, not just his crown.
The third time the boys were goofing off in their room instead of going to bed and I heard Tiger scream like he had been really hurt. When I get in there Blanket is attempting (with his limited vocabulary and lots of hand motions) to tell me why he is crying. Tiger says "I shut drawer on Blanket's hand." OK, but why does Blanket's crying have to sound so much like Tiger?
The fourth time I was snoozing through a football game. B.A.R. and Tiger are all curled up on the other couch and Tiger was napping. I open my eyes and see a belly and an arm holding Wa-Wa. I think, "Why is Tiger holding Blanket's Wa-Wa?" and then I realize that this is Blanket in his not-so-little-anymore body.
Everyday he looks more and more like a boy and not so much like a baby. Maybe it has to do with the fact he finally moved into 18 month clothes, or that he weighs 24 pounds, or that he says so many words everyday. Maybe he is just so grown up that I am seeing him the way I remember Tiger being.

Is this just a personal phenomenon, or does this happen to all moms whose first two kids are so similar? Landee? Standsmom?

Monday, September 21, 2009

Out with the with the GOLD

Make new friends,

and sell the old.
one is silver,
and the other (Pueblo) gold.
Or, as B.A.R. calls the color, "baby poop brown."

Meet the newest member of the family:

  • It weighs twice as much as the Jetta
  • It has 3 times the power.
  • It seats 8 comfortably instead of 5 uncomfortably.
  • It gets 1/3 the gas milage.
  • "Mama new truck" is the topic of conversation around here with the little ones.
  • It is 2 years newer and sports 3 times the milage of the Jetta.
  • It barely fits in the garage.

One of many changes to come.