Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vacation, Day 4

Day 4 we listened to the boys fight all morning and looked forward to our day away from our lovely children.  The first order of the day was the Rockies game.  Froggie and I are baseball fans.  B.A.R. and Zephyr suffer for our sakes.  Froggie really came to watch the Dodgers.

B.A.R. enjoys baseball when there is a lot of action.  This game ran out of action fast.

After the game we went to dinner at The Buckhorn Exchange.   Zephyr had been dying to go there and try some of the more exotic menu items.
Like Rattlesnake chipotle dip and rocky mountain oysters.

That's a rocky mountain oyster.  They taste better than you think they would, and if you weren't thinking about what they are, they don't taste bad at all.
Zephyr's ostrich, yak, and buffalo dinner special.  I had ribs. B.A.R. had a steak.  Froggie had a baked potato (and 2 of my ribs).

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