Saturday, August 16, 2008


So here is the long-awaited post about my hair.  If you have known me for less than 15 years you have never seen me with hair longer than my chin.  B.A.R. met me back in '95 and has always wanted me to have long hair. 

To me, hair ought to be functional, low maintenance, and fit my personality.  My close-cropped hair has been just great for me.  With the addition of Blanket, I am having difficulty keeping it that way.  Getting to the barber with both kids in a manner that keeps them stationary and relatively quiet while I get my locks attended to,  is more than a challenge.  B.A.R. suggested that this would be a great time to let my hair grow.

So here is the picture of my current mop.  I need to get it trimmed and reshaped, but I am still going to grow the back until it touches my shoulders.  I don't know whether I will like it. I don't know whether I will do much more than pull a comb through it, and buy something besides cheap shampoo for it.  

For now,  it is a work in progress and an ongoing project.  The worst thing that could happen is I will hate it, and I cut it back to a more comfortable length.

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