Friday, August 1, 2008

Vacation, Day 1

On the first day we went to ride the Georgetown loop railroad in Silver Plume Colorado.  We made the mistake of sitting right by the locomotive as the ride started (the horn is LOUD), and Leprechaun spent the rest of the ride with his hands over his ears, even after we moved to the other end of the train!

Froggie, Leprechaun, Zephyr family photo on the train.

Stitches, Blanket, B.A.R., Tiger family photo.

We opted to take the Lebanon Mine tour as part of our ride package. It is a tour of an old silver mine and some reconstructed buildings made like the ones that were there when the mine was operating.  There is lots of historical and geological information given during the tour.  Well worth the stop.
This is B.A.R. carrying (wrangling) Tiger through the tour.  He was, "scared tunnel."  Apparently he still has mild claustrophobia.  

Zephyr and Leprechaun post mine tour.  He handled it a little better than Tiger.

Here are the dads holding their charges.  As Froggie is pregnant with Birdie, and I was packing Blanket around the men were in charge of the big boys.  They have matching leashes.  Leprechaun's is a bear and Tiger's is a dog.  $10 Target.

After the train we went to lunch at Beau Joe's in Idaho Springs (but somehow didn't get any pictures of that).

On the way home we stopped to walk around the grounds at the Denver Temple.  We also got some family photos there too.  It's nice to have someone else operating the camera so that we can all be in the pictures.

Tiger was interested in the fountain, just not in the spray from the fountain.  Notice he is standing outside of the splash zone!

Denver LDS temple.

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