Saturday, August 23, 2008

Potty successes

Blanket successfully used the toilet for the first time just 3 days after I first let him sit there.  He seems unfazed by the new sitting space, and is not afraid of the flushing noise.  He should not develop fears if we keep this up.

If you know my big push to get kids out of diapers fairly quickly this shouldn't come as a surprise to you.  No, I am not one of those natural baby, cloth diaper, potty trained before walking  at any cost kind of moms.  I am of the opinion that a little practice and lots of success before we ever decide to venture out of diapers goes a long way.   

I started with Tiger at about 7 months.  He could sit very well, and the first time I put him on the toilet he went.  Lots of sitting w/o success in the beginning turned into potty trained before his second birthday.  He is still lazy about saying that he needs to go at home, but always stays dry in public.  We have changed to a time-limit between potty breaks this week, and he is having great success.

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Jenny said...

Wonderful! I didn't start training Thomas and James in earnest until we moved here, because having two potty chairs in one small bathroom while showing the house wasn't working so well. So, that meant they didn't even really start until they were 2 1/2. And then the battle began... At least they're trained now.