Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A few thoughts on school.

I have been trying to avoid thinking about it, but I really can't.  I shouldn't be worried about school and all that (Tiger won't go for 3 more years) but I can't avoid thinking about the start of school.  It's not as though it doesn't affect me at all, all my friends have kids who just started school (it started last Wednesday here).  But the thing that I just can't shake is that I am not taking my little girl to school this year.  She would have been starting kindergarten this fall.  The start of school has never bothered me as much as this year.  I've never given much thought to it at all before now.  It crept up on me and surprised me how much I think about it and how much it is costing me my focus and drive.  I am mildly depressed because of this (and other things).  It is costing me my motivation.  I could be sewing, working on my quilt, or cleaning my house.  I could be doing lots of things that really need to be done, but all I want to do is play video games and watch tv to avoid thinking about these things that are weighing on my mind. I don't know when I will start feeling better, and that is bothering me too.  Sorry for the downer post.


I have a good life said...

So Sorry. That is tough. Sometimes having thoughts in our heads that we can't banish is the worst thing ever. I know it will get better!

Jenny said...

That must be hard. I'm so sorry.