Saturday, August 2, 2008

Vacation, Day 3

So on day 3 we sent B.A.R. and Sgt. Benelli off to visit the east portal of the Moffat tunnel.  Froggie and I took the boys to the Children's museum of Denver.  By this day the boys were starting to get on each others' nerves.  They are both 2 and have normal 2 year-old issues with sharing, wanting what the other has, etc.  They played well at the museum, though.

Leprechaun and his train.
Tiger and his train.
Playing nicely, ahh.
Leprechaun playing in the "gopher hole."
Look how tall.
Tiger loves to have this make noise.
Tiger trying to remove the "ball" from the flower.
Leprechaun, the prospective firefighter.
A moment very indicative of the boys' interactions.  See Tiger trying to take the dog from Leprechaun as if it were his alone.
After the Children's museum we went to the Molly Brown House Museum. This would have been a great place to go without the boys.  It was 90+ degrees and there was no a/c.  There was also no touching anything (including the walls).  There was no leaving the tour, and no bathroom on the tour.   The kids were tired, hot, and Tiger had to go potty.  The stuff inside is really interesting, but don't take little kids, unless you can hold them. 
When we got back the boys spent the afternoon playing with each other somewhat peacefully. 

It looks like Leprechaun would like a sandbox of his very own.

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