Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blame it on the sewing machine

I feel like I should blog so that you don't think bad things have happened to me.  
New things Tiger can say:  Mocolotive and then Locomotive.  Then on Sunday, he said "Excuse me, mom." (!)  Polite when he thinks it will get him something.

We have determined that Blanket should have some tummy time each day (despite his protests) so that he will learn to crawl before he goes to nursery.  He will tolerate about 10 min on his belly if he has a toy to play with.  When he gets done, he cries.  He doesn't roll over, he just fusses until you pick him up.  At least he is content to spend the rest of the day sitting in one place or other out of my way.

The boys have had a touch of a cold today, so we just stayed home. 

I have been working on my quilt for the last few days (instead of blogging).  I finished quilting it (by machine) and now I am using the border as a binding because I had some issues with the size of my backing.   Then I need to fix all those pesky quilting threads.  As soon as I finish the binding I will have my machine free to start my new project--skirts.  

I have had one new (non-maternity) church outfit since I got home from my mission (8+ years ago).  Now don't get me wrong, I like what I have, but I am getting a little bored with it.  I just wanted a few new pieces to get excited about wearing to church.   I went and got the fabric and patterns on Monday.  I have never made anything quite this ambitious before (mostly just shorts and buntings) but I am so excited to finish that I am putting my quilt into overdrive so that I can get to these skirts (and hopefully more after that!)

In case you are wondering, I will definitely post a photo of the quilt when I am done (but not before).

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