Saturday, August 23, 2008

The furniture repository

I must confess that we are not your run-of-the-mill furniture/appliance buyers.  We are the kind of people who believe: "If you are going to do it wrong, do it right!"  Which means if you are going to buy something, buy the one you really want.  Buy it once, don't skimp and you will be happy with it, instead of wishing you had something better.  If we don't have the money, or can't find what we really want, we will spend as little as possible to acquire something we need until we can get what we want.  You must know that we have not purchased any furniture for our house ever except the bedroom set and mattress set that we bought right after we moved to Colorado 2.5 years ago.   We did buy a fridge for our house in California, and have it here, and then we bought a new dishwasher for this house.   We did buy our vacuum.  We are on our second free washer/dryer set.  We just recently replaced one long couch with a love seat and chair (again, free).  We had 2 free beds (that came complete with serious problems) before we replaced the second with our Tempurpedic and lots more sleep.  We have 3 TVs (all free) and one that we disposed of already.  Even our DVD player, VCR, and crib were gifts.  Our stereo equipment, dining table, coffee table, floor lamps, even the bunk beds were free. We are not above free anything.  That said, I need to tell you about our newest acquisitions (free, of course).

The office at B.A.R's employment was getting new furniture.  This has been an ongoing project over the last few months.  6 months ago he came home with waiting room chairs (for hosting parties we will never have because he hates them).  He told me that he was going to get one of those steel cubicle desks for our office when they became available with rolling chair, hutch, and additional bookcase and upright filing cabinet.  It isn't as though we need office furniture (a 2nd chair would be nice).  Our office used to be just the safe, the small filing cabinet, a plastic filing cart, a floor lamp, one old folding relief society chair (blue padding) a keyboard table, and two well used desks about 18"x24".  Considering he works from home some days and we have 2 computers, one printer, and 7 years of paperwork, 3 house purchases, lots of stuff for his job, and all of our side business stuff stored in there I wasn't looking for MORE furniture for the office.

So Thursday he came home with the aforementioned steel desk and hutch.  We moved the piles of stuff and furniture around and got the desk in there.  There was much consternation involved, but I will save you the dramatics.  B.A.R. did flush out one desk into the living room (to find a home somewhere else in our house).  After the desk was moved we decided to move the chest freezer B.A.R. acquired from his friend who was moving (the same one who gave him that huge chair).  It has been in the garage being cleaned for about 3 weeks.  That involved moving a few things around in the basement to accommodate it and more drama getting it into place. 

B.A.R did say he might be able to get me two more of these steel desks for sewing if I wanted them, and a rolling chair too.  Wow, 25 sq. ft to sew, cut, quilt, craft and store my stuff so that it is not all piled haphazardly in a closet I will need in the future, or overtaking my dinner table.  Yesterday he came home with those two desks.  I helped him unload them into the garage,  and we discussed the location of the new furniture.  I figured the location most cordial today would be in the basement.  This means a lot of moving stuff around down there.  Not 10 minutes of box shuffling.   No, trash can filling, box dumping, relocating  your work tools to a different address, putting the clay thrower in the crawl space kind of moving stuff around.  Today I meant to vacuum the house and steam clean two or three rooms where Blanket commonly barfs.  Instead, while B.A.R. was home this morning, we worked for 2 hours in the basement.  We will probably need to work for 2 more hours just to make the room for the desks.  We have decided to move a larger dresser upstairs, and a smaller one back to the basement and I am hoping to spend the rest of today on mommy tasks as B.A.R. is off practicing for the upcoming deer hunt.  Maybe after this week is over and B.A.R. comes back from his business trip to avoid the DNC I will have a new sewing space and dinner on my table for a change.  Until then, tho, my sewing is on hold.

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Sox said...

B.A.R. said he loved this post, but had to stop reading to laugh with his eyes closed when he read "flushed into another room." He doesn't usually read the blog and so this was nice. A comment I just had to post.