Friday, August 15, 2008


The apparel item that seems to bring the most consternation to my friends is their kids' socks.  Thinking that I had managed to find a way to minimize this frustration I bought a 12 pairs in each size of Hanes boys' Toddler socks.  The baby size has red writing, and the toddler size has blue writing.  I bought them at Wal-mart.  I picked the easiest way to manage the boys' socks. 

I just pulled out the baby ones for Blanket to wear, and realized that I needed to buy a few more pairs to spread out laundry days. Tiger is managing to put holes in all of his socks (usually inside his shoes.)  See my other post about Shoes. Wal-mart, however, has stopped carrying these socks. Target never really did.  They carry bigger socks, but not the baby/toddler variety.  They do carry Hanes boys' socks in Tiger's size, but those are colored coded red and look different.  Kohl's is the same story.  So is the Hanes outlet in Castle Rock.  They have never carried the baby/toddler variety.  It seems the only place to get these socks is online. 

I don't want to mix varieties.  I don't want to wait until they all wear out before I change varieties.  I don't want to pay shipping (and full price from Hanes) for something as simple as SOCKS!!!  I don't want to complicate this any more (remember, no consternation).  All I want is socks that are simple to match and easy to find. 

If you know where to find these socks please let me know.  Pictures at Amazon and Hanes

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Landeelu said...

My solution: If they are roughly the same height of socks (i.e. crew or ankle) and they are both basically white... they match.

I am without consternation on this issue. :)