Friday, June 12, 2009


I know I have been missing lately. My life has been crazy. So crazy that I haven't had time to think of great things or even mundane things to post about. I have been busy with this and that and cleaning my house and playing with company and getting ready to go out of town and. . .

In the midst of my craziness, I have managed to take a couple of pictures of Blanket and the trouble he has been up to while I have been doing other necessary activities.
Here is is coloring my kitchen floor with sidewalk chalk while I am busy shampooing my carpets.
At least it wiped off easily.
Note to self: make sure lid is securely on sidewalk chalk at all times.
Then Tiger shut him in his room, and before I noticed he pulled 30 wipes out of a brand new container. I spent the next 5 minutes reinserting the wipes in the container.

Later I noticed that he had actually unplugged the phone modem (VOIP) too and I had been missing phone calls. Note to self: make absolute sure Blanket is not shut in his room, ever.

Blanket has just figured out how to get on the furniture. It happened behind my back, literally. He discovered how to get on chairs. His favorite chairs are the chairs in front of the computers, because then he can punch all the buttons. I caught him at this twice before I thought it might be a problem. B.A.R. caught him using a pencil to write on the laptop. I have removed the chair from the computer in his room. Note to self: always fold up the chair by the laptop and/or close the office.
As I wrote this post I stopped to change the laundry over, and came back to find Blanket on the chair, and my sunglasses broken (not irreparably because they are Oakley).
I shant know what to do when this kid learns to open doors (silently I am sure).


Growing up I never really liked to play dress-up. I didn't understand it. Tiger isn't much for dress up either. Today Blanket swiped a clean pair of Tiger's underwear and tried to put them on.

Sometimes all you need for dress-up is your brother's BVD's.

Maybe he is practicing for when he becomes a superhero.

Maybe I should stop folding laundry when my children are awake.