Monday, September 8, 2008

Tiger Reads a book

As some of you know, Tiger is really smart. He knows all his letters, and is really getting ready to read. He loves to be read to. We got this book about 3 weeks ago from the library. After we had it a week it occurred to me to take a video of him "reading" the book. I had to shoot the movie twice and so he was less cooperative this time. I helped turn the pages once or twice to keep him on track. He did much better with the first shoot. It does last about 3 minutes, but if you know this book, you should just love his rendition. This isn't an anomaly, he can read most books this well after a week or so.


Jenny said...


Landee said...

Brynn just enjoyed that video immensely! Thanks! He should be a paid storyteller when he grows up.

danandcami said...

Good job Tiger! Maybe you should read to the kids in Nursery.