Friday, September 26, 2008

The new penguin in my life.

Way back in 2001 before B.A.R. and I got married we bought an electric can opener as a wedding gift for some other friends of ours who were getting married a couple of months before we did. They, in turn, bought us the electric can opener that we wanted as a wedding gift.
This may look like an ordinary electric can opener, but it is the only one on the market that cuts the whole top off the can. It makes smooth tops with no sharp edges. It earned the nickname "The Penguin" for its shape. It has done great service in its life. We have used it to test electrical outlets for power during home improvement activities. I have used the knife sharpener on the back to keep my kitchen on the cutting edge (sorry, that one was bad). I have impressed many a visitor with my unique can opener. I have loved my dear little penguin.

He, alas, is giving up the ghost. He turns cans in fits and starts. He no longer makes clean cuts. Despite surgery his condition improved only for a few months. We decided that he needs to be repurposed (recycled?) as a target for B.A.R. at the shooting range.

Meet the new penguin in my life:
This is actually a new model of the same can opener. It opens cans exactly the same way (and is still the only electric to do so). Disappointingly, it no longer has a knife sharpener in the back, but kitchen scissors instead. I thought I wouldn't like those scissors, but I must confess that I have used them three times in the week since it came home. It has new features like a new switch that actually locks the can in place. It takes less effort to operate, and pleases me just as much as my old one did. The white one matched my white appliances better, but this one may just encourage me to switch to stainless. And if you want to buy one for yourself check it out at Amazon. That is the best price unless you get $10 off at Bed Bath and Beyond (which is what I did).

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