Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A nap not in a bed

So how do you convince a two-year old that he should take a nap during the most exciting adventure of his whole life?  I am not completely sure (I was busy with the baby) but B.A.R. managed to get Tiger to fall asleep in his lap during the return portion of the trip.   After about an hour the train stopped and Tiger stirred.  B.A.R. tried to put him down to finish sleeping on his own, but he was not having that.  He was not done sleeping.  Tiger is a monster if he is woken before he is done sleeping.  So B.A.R. sacrificed the next hour and half or more to this position and the rest of Tiger's nap.  I felt badly because he wasn't getting to experience the train (this trip was for his birthday, after all) but his other option was totally entertaining a baby who was so done with sitting still on the train.  Tiger did wake up for the last hour or so of the ride, and did a fine job of keeping Blanket entertained while we packed up and got ready to disembark.

I had mixed feelings about this pose.  I know I need to train him to take naps when naps are needed and not just if they are convenient. However, I know that getting to hold him and enjoy him while he is still small enough to take a nap in your lap doesn't last forever.  This photo should be good for a few laughs in 10 years or so.

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danandcami said...

There is nothing as sweet as a sleeping child huh? Where was the train ride to or from?