Saturday, September 27, 2008


Ok, so this post has been a long time coming. I keep writing about "my quilt" and its perpetual state of unfinishedness. Well, no longer. It's done. Really. I finished it about a month ago, but I was waiting until I applied a layer of Scotch-Gard until I called it done for real. It has even been moved to its permanant home on the bed.

I didn't make any crazy patterns, or anything because the focus of the quilt is the buckmark, and I really wanted that to draw your attention. The buckmark is thee logo for the Browning gun company. It matches our lamps.

The name of the quilt is The BuckMarks the Spot. The pictures are big enough to get great detail if you click on them. In case you are wondering, each square is 12 inches. It is backed in the fabric I dyed in coffee a few months back.
Each square is quilted with the buckmark, and then stitched in the ditch around the edges. The binding is pieced to match the leather lacing on our faux leather lampshades in our bedroom.
I designed this quilt about 2 years ago to match our lamps, ceiling fan, and log furniture. Now I just need to pick out a wall color to pull it all together. If you have ideas, or would like to come give suggestions, feel free!!! I need all the color help I can get.
Forgive the clothes dying to jump out of the closet to be photographed too.


Tifferz said...

Great Job! I bet you were up late after kids went to bed to work on it. Well worth it! I bet you are so proud of your self!

Osborn6 said...

Congratulations!!!!! Yeah, You did a wonderful job. It goes perfect with the log bed. :)

Julie Sherwood said...

I am sooo impressed! I wish I could make a quilt that nice. I'm especially impressed with the buckmark quilting on each square. Did you do that by hand or machine - and can you teach me? Depending on how daring you are with wall colors, I think it would look nice to do 3 walls in a brown (pulled from the quilt) and then do an accent wall (behind your headboard) in a red (I know - red can be scary. But you can also get things like venitian plaster or a sandwash that would give it a really cool texture. I think something like that would be great with the log bed and everything. Just my 2 cents - it may not be your style. Anyhow - the quilt is awesome!

Booher Blogs said...

Very cool! I like the green in the squares at the bottom left for a wall color. Green always makes me feel relaxed, which is what you want for sleeping:)