Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I learned on Vacation

We went out of town this weekend, and so the next few posts will be about our little adventure to Alamosa. We rode the San Luis & Rio Grande railroad over La Veta pass. We went because it is passenger rail service behind a steam engine. Oh, and Zephyr, you can be jealous, or you can come back and ride it!

We took pictures of much of the train activites, but some of the best things that happened we didn't get pictures of. Also, much of what I learned happened without a camera. This post is about that.

This is the 2nd time we have taken Blanket away from home overnight. This was his first hotel stay. Tiger went out of town with us many times his first year, and a few times his second year. This is the first time we took him out of town since he is in underwear full-time during the day.

Now for what I learned:

  1. Despite being only 31 lbs, Tiger can hold 16 oz of fluid in his bladder.
  2. Tiger cannot pee outside if it is less than 50 degrees, no matter how badly he needs to go.
  3. Tiger can eat quesadillas for lunch and dinner every day if that's what we order for him.
  4. Tiger can say long sentences that include prepositions and articles. For example, "Here, Baby Blanket, play with this tractor toy."
  5. Blanket actually speaks words. More about this in a different post.
  6. Tiger can sleep outside of a bed.
  7. Families who do not all sleep in the same room at home should not sleep in the same hotel room!
  8. On our last overnight excursion with Blanket, I underestimated his attachment to his "cloth."
  9. I am thankful that Blanket is not yet mobile.
  10. There is no good place to move the Tampa Bay Rays (except maybe Indianapolis).
  11. Over the course of a season baseball has about 6 times as many tickets available as football.
  12. Despite my best efforts to be prepared, I bring enough diapers on vacation, and regularly fail to bring them on an excursion and must buy 40 diapers just to get the one I need.
  13. Tiger has never eaten at McDonald's nor does he know that there is a playland there (or at any other fast food restaraunt).
  14. Always save one or two empty formula sample cans so that you can take some formula without taking the monster size can.
  15. B.A.R. can be persuaded that a limo (read: double stroller) is not a bad thing.
  16. When under duress (meaning the alternative is not an appealing option), moms can solve almost any problem with the available tools (or lack thereof); especially if this problem would be a lot easier to solve were the circumstances significantly different.
Each one of these has a whole story to go with them. Some of these I will post about. I will also take requests if you want to learn about a particular lesson.

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Julie Sherwood said...

I want to hear about 15 & 16. I completely agree with you on 7, 12, & 14 from personal experience.