Monday, September 22, 2008

Blanket speaks words.

So my cute little (well, not so little) baby has been making talking noises for about 3 months now. The last couple of weeks he has been making lots of different sounds, but nothing that sounds like words I use everyday. I was beginning to wonder when he was going to start having "words." I have heard him repeat sounds a time or two. He said "noo dul" one day after I had a long discussion with Tiger about eating his noodles. But the greatest word breakthrough came about an hour before we finished our train excursion.
Tiger was asleep (see the post above), and I was looking for something to do with Blanket. I got out Tiger's favorite book: Freight Train by Donald Crews. Normally Blanket doesn't get to read this book for more than a second. Tiger is taking it away, hoarding it, or otherwise not sharing it. I opened up the book and to the first page and Blanket says,"wooooo." I laughed, and B.A.R. laughed too. Sure we heard him right, but thought this was a coincidence, I kept reading and turning pages. Each new page brought out another "wooooo" or "woooo, woooo." By the time the book ended I was sure that Blanket has words. His word for train is "wooooo." He said it again as we walked past the train. If you say "wooo" to him he smiles. He liked the train.
I now take the time to listen to his speaking noises. He says so much. I don't understand most of what he says, but he does use the same sounds in the same situations. I merely haven't learned his language yet.


Julie Sherwood said...

Freight Train is a favorite at our house too!

Jenny said...

Yay for words! I don't remember my boys' first words (I'm sure they're written down somewhere...), but Thomas' first sentence was "Cah co bee." What, you can't tell what that means? :) "Car go by." He'd stand at the window and watch cars drive by all day.