Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A few firsts. Good ones and bad ones.

Unfortunately, this post has no photos.  

Saturday, Blanket cut his first tooth.  Yes, at 9 months he got his first tooth.  This is early.  Tiger got his first at 10 months. 

Monday night we went to Blockbuster and rented (I know, so 15 years ago) a movie.  It was based on a book that B.A.R. read, and since he doesn't read very often I conceded.  This is the first time we have rented a movie in 3 years.  Yes, we haven't rented a movie (and we don't have on-demand or pay per view) since we moved to Colorado.

Tiger didn't take a nap yesterday, so was tired and nearing bedtime when we got back from Blockbuster at 6:30.   I was giving Blanket a bath (more on that below), and Tiger was watching TV with B.A.R. and eating Cheetos leftover from the party we went to on Saturday night.    B.A.R. turned to see if Tiger had finished eating, and he had fallen asleep with his hand in the bag.  I chided him for not taking a picture (he claims it didn't occur to him).   This may not seem significant to you, but he has never, ever  fallen asleep watching TV, or sitting still.  He has to be in his bed, or in his car seat.  Unless he is restrained (i.e. closed in his room, etc.) the kid is the Energizer Bunny.  I was so busy with Blanket that I noticed B.A.R. putting Tiger to bed before I got a chance to see my crazy kid asleep with his hand in the Cheetos bag.

Blanket was kind of crabby at church on Sunday, and just wanted to be held and to sleep at church.  He wanted an extra nap and longer naps on Sunday and Monday.  Twice on Sunday he sort of tugged on his ears, but he had just cut a tooth on Saturday, and we thought he was getting another.  Monday, he started the day with a 100.5 fever that spent the day climbing.  He was a little crabby, and was happy just being held.   He was really happy considering how sick he is.  After we got back from Blockbuster I gave him a cool bath which he detested vehemently for a long time, but it successfully brought his fever down 1.5 degrees for a couple of hours.  Blanket woke up 5 different times during the night.  He was wearing a onesie and a diaper.  He would kick off all his blankets and I would find him hot to the touch wanting his blankets back.  When he finally got up this morning I decided that if he had a fever I would call the Dr.   His fever was down, and I couldn't figure what was wrong with him.   Then I saw that it looked like he had an ear infection drain out overnight.  It took me until 9:30 am to get a hold of his Dr. and get him an appointment for today.  It's a good thing we went and got two different antibiotics.  His fever was 101 at 4:00 it was 102.4 at 6:30 tonight.  

Tiger has never had an ear infection.  I don't want him to get one either.  The whining alone would make me want to have him put in a medically induced coma.  I would rather Blanket got all the ear infections in our family than that Tiger ever got a single one.  

In other good news, Blanket weighs a whole 17.0 lbs.  He is 9 months old and very happy.  17 lbs means that he has gained another 17 oz between visits.  At birth he weighed 7 lbs 14 oz.  At 2 months he weighed 11 lbs 4 oz.  At 4 months 14 lbs 14 oz. At 6 months: 15 lbs 15 oz.  At this pace he will weigh all of 18 lbs 1 oz on his birthday and 20 lbs about the time he goes to nursery.  Maybe he will be crawling by then.  At this age Tiger weighed 20 lbs and was pulling up and cruising along the furniture.  He had mastered crawling and was learning to go up and down stairs.  He also started out weighing 15 oz less.

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Jenny said...

I'm sorry about the ear infection. Those are never fun. When James was about that old, his eardrum burst from the pressure of an ear infection--it sounds like that happened to Blanket too. I hope he gets feeling better.