Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hooray for new clothes.

In case you think that I haven't been doing anything these last few weeks, lookie here:

This is a new skirt that I made. Lots and lots of learning, consternation, frustration, and fabric later I have a skirt that I like.

If you think I am nuts or merely neurotic to make my own clothes, understand this: When I was growing up all my dresses were homemade or pre-owned. I always got the dresses and skirts that I wanted because my mom or other women made them for me. Call it being spoiled. As an adult, I have a very hard time going to the store and buying something off the rack because I never had to do it as a child. Occasionally I can find something I like, but this often comes after many moons and many stores and much frustration. When I shop for clothes (especially dress clothes) I am very picky. It is seriously easier for me to find fabric that I like and a pattern I like.

I have two more skirts in the works, and then maybe I will be brave enough to try shirts/vests or tops of some other kind to go with them.


Tifferz said...

nice work!

Selene said...

And your skirt actually looks somewhat feminine!