Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's new

Our little Blanket man likes to sit.  He can actually sit for 5 minutes or so if he concentrates.  If I prop him on the couch he will actually pull himself into a sitting position and sit for quite a while. 

Tiger can get out of his bedroom.  I know I wrote about this before, but now he can unlock the door and get out.  There is no stopping him.  After the 5th time he got up last night I finally figured out how to get him to stay in his room.  I just take away cloth!  For nap time today I had to take it all away (in 2 steps) but then he got the message. I did discuss with B.A.R. turning his doorknob around so that he is conventionally locked into his room, but locking our kids in their rooms is not something we really want. 

I gave Blanket a bottle the other day (his 10th or so ever) and he put his hands on it and tried holding it in his mouth.  It seems like magic.  Tiger didn't hold his own bottle until 10+ months (about a month after I weaned him).  He also didn't feed himself anything until about a week before his first birthday.  Blanket will suck an animal cracker to death if you just hand it to him.  How different my boys are.  

I have been working on my quilt, but the boys have been less than helpful so very little is getting done.  Ah, someday.

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