Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mama said there'd be days like this

Why is it that the days that seem the hardest are the ones when B.A.R. is out of town.  They don't just get hard after 5 o'clock or when he would normally come home.  No, these get out of hand in the early afternoon and they just don't seem to get better.

Tiger spent the whole morning at the Children's Museum running away from me and ignoring me.  He was being good, and even went potty without leaking while we were there.  But every time he wanted to change activities, he would just run away.  I could be saying his name over and over and over and it was like he was deaf.  Totally oblivious.   Then when we got home, I swore he still couldn't hear me.

This afternoon he would wet his pants a little before he told me he needed to go, and each time it was worse than the time before until his pants were very wet.  I took them off about 6 and let him be naked the last hour before bed.  During this time he runs in, says potty, and POOPS on the carpet!  I did make him clean that up (with my help).

Blanket was a bit crabby this afternoon, but I think the kid just needs more calories.  I feed him 1/4 cup cereal 2 times a day and usually 1/4 cup fruit or vegies, but the vegies seem to give him diaper rash.  The really good news is his intolerances for tomatoes, eggs, and chocolate have seemed to clear up, and I need to see if the cabbage/broccoli issue is gone too!  I am so happy now that I can have noodles, salsa, ketchup, etc.  It was really hard not just eating whatever I wanted.

Tiger didn't take a nap today.  Lately, it has been really hard to get him to take a nap and if he does finally go down, he won't go to bed until 9:30.  He needs a nap around 4, but I will placate him as long as possible and put him to bed after 6:30 so that he goes down without a fight and sleeps all night.

This week has been kind of busy because my brother and his family are coming to visit us on Saturday.  B.A.R. left on a camping/fishing trip with his buddies.  He promises no fishing so I sent him with some books (close your mouths all you disbelievers! he will read books if I find the right books for him).  My brother is supposed to pick him up at some on-ramp on I-70 Saturday afternoon.  I guess his camping gear will show up on Sunday when his buddies come back.  

I have been trying to coordinate the schedule for the vacation so that we get in as many activities as (reasonably) possible.  I had to schedule a pair of babysitters for one afternoon/evening  For Tiger, Leprechaun, and Blanket and I still need to get tickets/reservations for a couple of events.  My dishes aren't done (no real surprise there), my laundry isn't folded (again, normal), my kitchen is begging to be wiped/scrubbed, and the whole house needs to be vacuumed and tidied.  All I want to do is sleep in but if I do the house gets destroyed.

I'm tired of the vacation, and they aren't even here yet!   I know we will have fun when they are though!  I hope tomorrow I get a whole bunch of stuff done so that I can reward myself with a trip to the pool with the kids.  Maybe I'll settle for a trip to Del Taco or Quizno's.  


My Full Hands said...

It often goes the same way at my house when my husband goes out of town. I think part of it (for me) has to do with the fact that may stress level is automatically higher just knowing I won't get help come 5:00!

Good luck getting ready for your company. Never alpologize for a messy house or dishes in the sink - you are abviously a busy mom and people should be able to understand the kids needs are often more pressing than sweeping and folding laundry!

My Full Hands said...

PS It would be great to get to know you in person, I'm afraid we don't live in the same state:(