Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Until a few days ago Tiger had never seen fireworks.  Never.  As a baby he was trepidacious about everything.  We made a conscious effort to avoid unnecessary upset.  Tiger's first 4th of July he was 5 months old and in bed before the festivities got going.  All we did was light a few bottle rockets off in the back yard.  Last year we were in Utah and having a family get together with my parents and my brother's in-laws. Tiger and his cousin Leprechaun (not his real name) were still young so we avoided fireworks then too.  

B.A.R. set up our Freedom celebrations months ago (February or sometime).  Starting last Monday, I started asking if he wanted to see fireworks.  His response was always,, "Yeah."  On Friday we went out to Weld County for a barbecue and Fireworks display disallowed by local law.  The fireworks were waiting until dark, but we did have some parachute style ones and firecrackers to wet the kids' appetite.  Tiger kept begging, "More Fireworks. More Fireworks"  There were little snaps and some toys to play with so he stayed busy until dark.  

At dark when we started the show Tiger was exhausted.  He kept saying "John Deere tractors and John Deere flail chopper."  He has seen them in the video but I didn't know he could say "flail chopper."  Then we would light a bunch off and he would laugh and giggle.  Then he would repeat, "More Fireworks.  More Fireworks."  

I have been teaching him to say "I like. . ."  for things that he likes.  On Saturday he said, "I like fireworks!  More fireworks."  

Everyday since he has said 3 or 4 times a day, "More Fireworks."  

For a kid who used to be afraid of everything new, he sure LOVES fireworks.

And I am ignoring the fact that he got out of bed and is playing trucks in the other room.

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