Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kids say the darndest things

Ever since Blanket was really small he has always grumbled, "mama."  I think he has no idea that this sound means me, but then again, who knows?  Recently, he has started doing the "dadadada" noises.  

This morning he was laying on the bed while I was getting dressed.  Tiger was sitting next to him.  Blanket kept saying, "Dadadada."  Tiger said, "No, not dada, that's called Mommy."  I stepped out of sight and then I hear, "No, that's a Baby Blanket." (he used his real name).  Tiger thinks that he is really saying "Daddy" and is confused about who people are.  

Now for an update on Tiger. 
He started opening doors by himself about a week ago.  He can now let himself out of his room instead of going to bed.  DH did a nice police job the first night to make sure he stayed in bed.  Now we let him get up if he is not quite ready for sleeping because when he is, he goes to his room and stays there.  He can let himself outside into the backyard, but hasn't figured out the front screen door so no running away.  He needs help with the self-closing door to the garage, and that has to be open for him to open the garage, so again, no running away.  We are having trouble getting him to close the door behind him though.

About 10 days ago he said, "See ya later."  I was shocked.  I didn't know he could say that. Now he says it all the time.  I often recognize when he says something new because he is saying so much now that it's hard to keep track.  Also, people ask me how old he is because they think he is 3 because he speaks so well.   But don't think this means that he is easy to understand.  I still have trouble with certain words and am constantly asking him to repeat himself (he is saying things that I don't know that he can say.)  

Sharing is getting better, he doesn't share well at home, but in public it isn't as much of a problem, especially if you ask him to.

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