Saturday, July 19, 2008

Prior to my absence

As I have company coming I will probably be missing from blogland for a few days.  I have cleaned  my house.  Folded mounds of laundry.  Shopped for extensive amounts of food.  Planned menus weeks in advance.  Coordinated schedules/locations/attendees for different events.  Gotten a babysitting bunch for 3 kids under 3.  Washed a car seat pad.  Tackled all the reruns in the fridge.  Vacuumed the whole house, and steam cleaned the family room and the office.
Finished or brought to a pausing point all the ongoing projects in the house and put away my sewing machine and all related stuff.  Repeatedly resisted the urge to sew (I sew to unwind).   Coordinated the passenger  pick-up on the freeway. And made dinner for tonight in the crock pot this morning before 8

I still need to do the weekend loads of laundry, but I am waiting until the camping clothes come home.  I still need to set up the sleeping arrangement for my guests, and make last-minute ticket purchases for events.  We still need to finalize the schedule of activities.  I still need to find my happy place.  This vacation is crazy, and I am not even going anywhere.

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Jenny said...

Good luck with the rest of the company preparations. My life has been like that for the last couple months now with all the vacations and company. Here's hoping you get a second to rest before everyone arrives!