Monday, May 26, 2008


This is the current state of cloth.   The first night BC was going to bed after it tore, I put both pieces next to him as I dressed him for bed.  He said, "Cloth broken.  I broken it."  Once a day he reminds me, "I broke cloth."   He is usually such a stickler for things being "just so".  He closes doors behind me all day long.  He won't eat broken kraft singles.  If his socks aren't on just right he will have you fix them.  But he took the breakage of cloth in stride.  It makes it easier to find (I only have to find half of it).  

On other notes, he started using the word "want" and nods his head for yes, and he will even say yes.  These may seem like they should have been old news, but he was too busy saying elephant, rhinoceros, concrete mixer, excavator, Dada Ford Harley Truck, flamingo.  Today he even started to spell "water" for me. "W-A-" I started laughing when I figured out what he was doing and that distracted him.

We went to Bass Pro Shops today for something to do after we went to lunch at The Rib House for the best KC BBQ ever.  DH wanted to buy a pellet gun target.  Now he has something to do when he can't get out to the gun range.  Now he wants a new pellet gun.

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