Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I've been tagged...

Skye tagged me

My Love and I
Where did you go on your first date? Date? Just to some little mexican joint in Provo.  But by then we had been friends for 4.5 years. Both had served missions and both graduated from Ricks College.  It took us a long time to decide we wanted (and were ready) to date each other
How long have you been together? 7 years of marriage, 8 years dating.
Who eats more? Marty most of the time, but I am nursing and he is on a diet.
Who said I love you first? Marty!
Who is taller? Marty
Who sings better? Marty, without question.
Who does the laundry? I wash, fold and put away during the week.  If he wants to he will wash on the weekend.  No folding, no putting away for him. 
Who pays the bills? Marty.
Who mows the lawn? Daddy and Calvin
Who cooks dinner? I do.  Marty will make burgers or use the grill (I'm not allowed.  I had an "incident").  He helps, but dinner plans are all mine.
Who drives when you are together? Marty, usually.
Who is more stubborn? Depends on the topic.
Whose parents do you see the most? We don't discriminate. 
Who kissed who first? Marty kissed me and only me.  Oh, and I only kissed him.
Who proposed? The proposal came a long time after he decided to marry me and shortly after I came around.
Who is more sensitive? Me!!!
Who has more friends? Me, though he has a lot of work friends now.
Who wears the pants in the family? I want him to, he wants me to. It just works.

I tag Emily

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Booher Blogs said...

Funny! I had an "incident" on the grill too last week. I accidentally left it on overnight, and somewhere in there it ran out of gas and turned itself off. So I am taking myself off grill duty:)