Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Series of Fortunate, Unfortunate, and Downright Strange Events

So, yesterday was Wednesday and the weather was supposed to be kinda crummy.  I decided to stay home and do housework and other assorted, related matters (like shop for insurance).  I decided that I didn't need to change out of my pajamas or take a shower.  I just started getting insurance quotes and doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen and stuff.  BC was doing a sort of good job of leaving me alone, but BL wouldn't let me put him down.  He wouldn't let me not pay attention to him.  It was really frustrating because nothing was really getting done.  I would just get BC to play with something and BL would cry because I started using the computer.  It just wouldn't end.  UNFORTUNATE

I decided they would both like to get out of the house and would be much better behaved in public.  I decided to get dressed (it was 10:45) and put the kids in the car to drive 3 blocks to the insurance agency. (I usually walk over to that shopping plaza).  There was a truck for BC to play in and BL was really good. I also got good information about my insurance, and I came home satisfied and content.  FORTUNATE

I was feeding BC lunch, and the phone rang.  It was 12:00 or so on a Wednesday when my friend CC calls.  I am thinking, "aren't you supposed to be at work?"  She said that today was the day she was going with her family to Alaska.  She was going to have a 3 hour layover in Denver!!  I haven't seen my friend since my wedding reception (7 years this Sunday).  I couldn't believe my good fortune.  I convinced her to come out to the main Terminal and have lunch with me.  So now I am glad I got dressed.   FORTUNATE

I put BC down for a nap so that he would get some sleep before we had to leave for the airport.  The trip to the airport was uneventful and I found a parking space right away.  While I was unloading BC, I saw someone trying to start a diesel truck but it wouldn't start.  I looked and they were spraying ether (starting fluid) in it to start it.  This is an absolute no-no if you don't know that already.  The engine can blow up in your face.  I looked like this was the standard method of starting this truck (DH says he knows exactly how they blew their motor).  Anyway they got it started without incident and drove away just as I was taking BL out of the car.  UNFORTUNATE, FORTUNATE, and STRANGE

We start walking into the airport and I see a guy in an orange polo who looks familiar, I just wasn't sure it was him.  It was sort of dark in the parking structure, and I had to look again.  Yes, that was John Elway getting in his car with what looked to be his parents.  I would have had him shake BC's hand if he wasn't about to drive away.  UNFORTUNATE and STRANGE
We went inside and while we were waiting for CC to come find us BC wanted to ride the escalators up and down and up and down.  I kept him busy walking all over trying all the escalators.  Then we met CC.  It is great to see old friends.   We got BC some ice cream and then CC some food.  BC sat and worked on a bowl of TCBY for an hour while we sat and talked.  BL was really good too.  It was nice to just catch up and be in the presence of someone you really care about.   FORTUNATE

Then BL was starting to fuss and the line for security was getting longer so we decided to go.  Just as we were heading out to the car I started hearing this alarm type of noise.  I thought it was all the metal detectors malfunctioning, or some other type of security problem.  Then BC asks,  "What? sound?"  I told him what I thought, and then someone commented that it was the fire alarm.  The strange part was nobody was leaving, or paying much attention at all, really.  I then heard an announcement for. . .a change of baggage claim carousel.  At least we were almost out the door. STRANGE

Coming home was less than eventful except for BC needing to "potty" right after we got on the toll road (at 4:30 I wasn't taking the freeway home).   He held it all the way home!  We had dinner and then I wanted to go to an enrichment activity that we were having at 7:00.  Normally, I would have left both the kids home, asleep, with DH, but he is out of town all week.  I took them, I left BC in nursery and took BL with me.  Being after bedtime he was a little squirmy and grabby but nothing too bad.  I just couldn't hold anything besides him.   At 7:45 I heard BC crying in the hall.  He had skinned his knee pretty good.  They put a bandage on it and it looked fine to me, but he wouldn't stop crying.  He cried less both times he had his head glued back together!  He just wouldn't stop.  I had given BL to someone else to hold (I can't even remember who) and was trying toys, outside, bribery etc. just so that he would settle down and I could go back to my meeting.  The only thing he wanted was to go home.  So I put him in the car and went inside to get BL so we could go home.  He cried almost the whole time until he was in bed with the lights out.  At least BL went to bed without a fight (this is relatively new).  UNFORTUNATE.

This morning we were going to go to the zoo with someone we met at storytime.  BC wasn't up at 7:00 so I hopped in the shower.  He came in just as I was finishing, happy and unfazed by last nights activities.  I was ready to go by 8:00.  FORTUNATE

We were meeting M and C at storytime and then leaving for the zoo after that.  When we got to the library she tells me that she was up all night puking (she's prego) and doesn't feel like hiking all over the zoo.  We decided to go to the park right by the library instead.  We had a good time, but I think that BC really missed going to the zoo. UNFORTUNATE but ok.  

How weird the last 2 days have been.  I hope tomorrow feels more normal.  I don't usually have this good, bad, and strange occur this close together.

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I have a good life said...

How odd. So glad you had more fortunate events than unfortunate! :) Happy Anniversary! :)