Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthday Cake

BC was watching Barney this morning and they were talking about birthdays.  I wanted to try to make sure he understood what a birthday was so I reminded him that he got a bike for his birthday.  Then he turned to me and said, "Choo-Choo cake!"  We still have some cake leftover BL can't eat eggs (thus I can't eat them) and DH didn't like the frosting that I made.  The cake has been in the freezer.  I was ready to throw it away the next time I cleaned out the freezer. BC had cake for his mid-morning snack.  

Also, BC brought cloth downstairs this morning.  I looked closely, and it was only HALF of it.  It's official.  Cloth has been rent in twain.  I have to find the other half  so that I can take a picture.

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