Saturday, May 17, 2008

I just have to tell myself it could be worse.

This story starts on Wednesday.   When I woke up BC wasn't up yet (odd).  So I went to check on him.  He was laying in bed with barf on his sheets.  Good morning to me!  I start stripping his bed and DH takes BC into the bathroom to get him undressed.  BC barfs on the bath mat while taking his PJ's off.  I came into gather the soiled clothes and notice that he has barf dried in his hair! Bath time!  While I bathe him I call my friend, that we had a play date with that morning, to cancel.  I keep him home all day and realize that he is sick because he is teething. 

Thursday I we stay home because the weather is supposed to be nasty.  It was bad, but not as bad as they had predicted.  I wasted a good day, too bad.

Friday we went out to the museum (sans our friends), but Friday wasn't a good day.  I woke up with a sore neck from sleeping on too many pillows.  I took some Advil to help with the pain, and left determined to have a good day.  BC had fun at the museum, but I didn't.  I was still in pain and moving my head made my back hurt.  I convinced BC to leave earlier than we usually do, but he insisted  on having lunch in the park.  I hadn't brought lunch!  He was content to eat some crackers for a few minutes before we came home.

After lunch at home I put BC down for a nap and I laid down with BL.  I thought a nap might help my neck/back.  When BC announced that he was done playing in his room (no nap) I didn't feel any better.  I didn't want to be a useless mommy all day, so I took some Percocet (Oxycodone) to take all the pain away.   I felt great and cleaned the oven (after a self-cleaning cycle) and loaded the dishwasher.  Then, suddenly, I started to feel dizzy and nauseated.  I laid down with the baby and let BC watch tv and play outside unsupervised.  I felt like DEAD mommy.

I was thinking that if there was anyway DH could get off work to come home I would call him. Most of the time he can be home if I need him, but not today.  He had a banquet that he had to speak at.  He was going to be home late.   I lay there for 90 minutes and then BC demanded "MAC N CHEESE!!!"  I got up and started making him some food.  I went and emptied my stomach.  I was almost done with the mac n cheese when BC started crying.  Not crying like he had hurt himself, but like he was in pain.  My super articulate 2 year-old couldn't tell me what was wrong, but just "love" which means he wants to be held.  He had one bite of his dinner and then, still crying, asked to go to bed.  He went to his room and wanted me to lay down with him.  BL was getting fed up with all this and then started crying because his stomach hurt (he has a really sensitive stomach).  I got BC to go to sleep finally and then carried BL around for 45 minutes until he too gave up and went to sleep.

I went downstairs to watch baseball because I had a headache.  I surfed a little and thought about the headache I had and nausea I felt because of the Percocet.  I still had neck/back pain.
I went to bed hoping tomorrow would be better. 

I woke up this morning (after 2 visits to both boys in the night) with a pain killer induced headache, neck pain about the same as yesterday and no desire to do much of anything.  DH has to work (judging a contest for high-schoolers) today, but should be home mid-afternoon.  I was just having a quiet day.  BC is watching Thomas, and I put BL down for a nap in my bed because he goes to sleep faster that way.  I went in my bathroom to use it.  I flushed and FLOOD!!!! This flood isn't half as bad as the one from the earlier post, but I have carpet in my bathroom except where the toilet is.  I grabbed the floor mat and blocked the doorway so that the water would not seep out.  I grabbed the plunger (from the downstairs bathroom) and fixed the clog.  I cleaned up the spillage with beach towels because the baby was asleep in the same room and the shop-vac would have woken him.  

I am posting because I would like to be reminded that some days are bad, but it could always be worse! (Please don't let it be!)

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