Thursday, May 1, 2008

I sit here to update you, as much has happened in the last week, though not much crazy stuff.  I usually post crazy stuff the day it happens.  First, it is snowing today.  I said SNOWING!  Check your calendar it's MAY!  There is already more than an inch of accumulation.  This snow isn't those little flurry flakes, this is the really big Christmas flakes.  "And it shows no signs of stopping."  We have had more snow since April 1 than we had all of February and March.

We went to the zoo and museum on Monday and Wednesday respectively because the weather was 77!  

Last Wed DH bought me a new sewing machine.  I got "the one I wanted because you're not getting another one."  That's how we make most major purchases.  I have been using it to make curtains for BC's room.   I made some for his room 2 years ago, and now I am making some for the other window so that his room stay's even darker (and he gets up even later).  I get some free classes with it.  DH is letting me take one next Saturday, he is taking BC all day and a lady he works with is taking BL.  Jen is my age and just got married last year.  She has no kids, but loves to borrow ours!  DH couldn't handle  both of them for more than an hour anyway, and the baby and daddy are hit and miss for compatibility on good days.  DH can reason with BC, and BC likes to go to Bass Pro Shops and Sportsman's Warehouse with DH, so the whole day together isn't so bad. Besides,  DH has to work this Saturday and the Saturday after my class, so I figure I should get a Saturday free of the kids too.  

I was planning on staying home today to do housework, but now I don't I just want to watch the snow because I can't believe it is really snowing in May.  

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I have a good life said...

I knew that it might snow there...but it actually did! CRAZY! How fun for you to take a sewing class and be kidless for a day. Love it! :)