Thursday, May 15, 2008


Here is the long awaited post about those curtains.  The first pic is the ones that I just finished last week.  They were fairly simple since I made the ones for the other windows 2 years ago.

These were much harder because I had to do all the measuring and calculating of everything.  I had no pattern, and so I just went out on the internet and got a feel for how to make them with all the seams and such.   Last year I took them down and added black-out material to them so that the room would be much darker.  I made the new ones in with the black-out fabric too.  I almost think BC's room is too dark in the afternoon, now he sleeps forever when he does take a nap (which is what he is doing right now).  Someday both boys will sleep in there after BL learns to sleep all night.

Yes, it is the same fabric.  I had to wait a month for Wal-mart to get have it in stock so that I could make the second set.  There are blinds behind the new ones so the light is different for the two windows.  

I'll send you instructions for them if you want.

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