Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What if?

I probably spend way too much time watching Word World on PBS with Tiger.  Every time it comes on I start thinking, "What if our world was really like that?"  I begin wondering about whether some letters would be worth more than other letters.  I wonder then if a jump drive would be more expensive than a house because it has more letters?  Would all the letters required to make all the things for the house make the house so much more expensive? Would you have to buy letters in copper to make things of copper?  Would we have to mine or harvest letters?  Could we grow letters?  Would they be as valuable as mined letters?  Would we use letters like money?

And then I remember it is just a kids' show! and I should be thinking about things that really matter, like dinner.

1 comment:

Jenny said...

I've actually thought about that too. Sometimes the letters just appear, so maybe they would be free...although there was that time Duck or Pig or somebody had to mail them to people and they got mixed up. So, maybe not. Mostly, I think I watch too much kids' tv. :)