Monday, May 5, 2008


We went to the zoo this morning.  BC wanted to see the giraffes and the lions. I wanted to see the tropical rain forest exhibit.  BC also wanted to see the train and the elephants.  The train and the elephants are a long way from the other stuff.  He was doing this other weird thing too where he kept sitting or falling down almost on purpose.  We nearly left a few times because I just didn't want to deal with this behavior.  We finally got to the train and he wanted to ride the carousel too. (He never showed any interest in it before today.)  So we rode the train and the carousel and then we came home.  

I tried to keep him awake all the way home so that he would sleep in his bed.  He fell asleep 3 miles from home.  To his credit, he did try to go back to sleep in his bed, but that didn't work, so he stayed in his room for a while and then asked if he could come out.

With him out of his room I wanted to hang the curtains I just finished for his other window.  I needed to hang the rod, position the tiebacks and sew them on, and rehang the curtains.  This also involves moving his dresser and using a step ladder.  While I was in the garage getting the drill, ladder, and some other tools BC decided he wanted to use his new lawn mower in the HOUSE.   :/   I told him to take it in the back yard so he could play and I could hang curtains.  He went out there, and after 20 minutes I went to check on him.  He was fine, he had come in the house and taken his loader outside to use in the dirt.

This is the part that freaks me out.  I never told him he could (or couldn't).  I never suggested that was what it was for.  We don't have a sandbox,  he was just playing in some dirt under a tree because all the wood chips had been moved off.    He saw the dirt, he thought the loader would be useful for digging in the dirt, and so he came in and got it.   After the curtains were hung, I took the dump truck out for him to play with too, and took his  picture.   He NEVER  plays alone. 

His curiosity, and ingenuity kept him busy just long enough for me to hang his curtains.  Thank You.   Maybe tomorrow I will post pictures of his new curtains for you to see.  

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Brumbaugh Family said...

Haven't you learned yet that boys can smell power, dirt, and noise. It is fun to watch as they do things just because somehow they know to do it!!