Monday, October 6, 2008

Watching the numbers change.

The numbers on the clock that is.  My night didn't  go so well.  I almost blogged about it earlier, but I was much more asleep than I am now.  Let's start with yesterday afternoon.  

1:00:  Both boys went down for naps
2:15:   Blanket woke up.  He was awake and crabby because he didn't sleep long enough
4:30:  I woke Tiger up so that he would actually go to bed before we did. 
6:30:  I put Blanket to bed because he was so crazy tired.
7:15:   I put Tiger to bed concerned that he would not go to sleep, but hoping that he would.
7:45:  Tiger got up and watched the football game with us.
8:15: Tiger threw a fit about not getting to continue watching this locomotive website we found.  He went off to bed.
8:45: Tiger got back up and watched more football.
9:25: The game ended and Tiger was put to bed and locked in his room.
10:30: I checked on both boys, and they were sleeping. I went to bed.
12:30: I got up to use the bathroom and went right back to bed.
1ish: Tiger crawls in bed with us noiselessly (I was too asleep to object) and falls asleep in my arms.  More like ON my arms.  I woke up to reposition them and crawl away from him 3 or four times before
4:44:  Blanket wakes up shrieking.   No amount of comforting or clean diaper changed his desire for a bottle.   I gave him his bottle and went back toward my bedroom.  I contemplated my options:
A: Crawl back in my Tempurpedic with my husband and Tiger.
B: Put Tiger back in his own bed before retaking my own.
C: Get into Tiger's  bed and try to sleep. or 
D: None of the above.
I seriously considered C before choosing A-the path of least resistance.  A couple of minutes later Tiger started moaning. This is normal nighttime noise for him.  I am surprised this is the first time that I heard it considering how long he had been in our bed.  I fulfilled B.  I was hoping that I was going back to sleep when I learned my morning would be filled with D.
5:15: Blanket finishes his bottle, and is sure that he is ready to be awake.  He wanted to play, really.  I brought him downstairs and poked around on the computer for a few minutes.
5:30:  I put in a Harry Potter movie so that I can remain half awake while Blanket plays on the couch.  I watched for a few minutes.  I closed my eyes and listened for a few more.
6:47: Blanket declares his need to go back to bed.  Smiling, I went and put him back into his own bed.  I sought my own bed and sleep rapidly thereafter.
7:35: (15 minutes after B.A.R. wanted to be awoken)  He rolls over and asks me what all happened last night.  At least I had found some sleep.
7:45:   I went to check on Blanket and found him happily awake in his bed.  Knowing he wouldn't want to be left alone I put him in the bathroom because B.A.R. was still taking a shower and went back to bed.  I knew Tiger would be getting up soon, and I wanted anymore sleep I could get.
7:50:  Tiger came in and crawled on the bed.  We asked him why he got in our bed in the middle of the night.  "Were you cold?" "No." "Were you scared?" "Yes."  Mystery solved.  Now if I could just solve the mystery of sleeping while I clean my house, run my errands and make my phone calls I could have a very productive day.


Julie Sherwood said...

Can I tell you how many times I have had that kind of night? One night, recently we had 3 kids in our bed! I think this is why most days I find myself falling asleep - literally unable to keep my eyes open - by about 3:30 each afternoon as I nurse Seth... I feel your pain!

Jenny said...

Gotta love those sleepless nights. I had one last night; I was up with a throwing up Thomas all night. Good times.