Monday, October 13, 2008

More Definitions from the Dictionary

Here is the next installment of The Sunday Funnies Dictionary.

Mitigate:  To change the baby's diaper.  Usually after the baby has pooped.  E.G.: we are at a nice resturaunt with our friends and Blanket smells bad.  I say, "I need to go mitigate," and grab the baby and diaper bag.

The fan in our bedroom has 3 speeds:  Token, On, and Turbo.  I hate having the fan on when I go to sleep, and B.A.R. needs it 8 months of the year.  He wants Turbo, I want off.  I usually settle for Token (my token of compromise).  B.A.R. says that it isn't really on until On, and that Turbo is the only thing that really moves a lot of air.  That may be, but any amount of air movement is too much for me.

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