Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The rest of the clothes

So here are my other 3 triumphs of fabric. If I was smart I would have chosen fabrics that hide mistakes and flaws. I however, love plaid, and those can show your mistakes if you don't take great care to match lines and such.
This second one was even harder. Not only is it argyle, it is corduroy too. It means you have to pay super close attention to the pattern, and the direction of the fabric.
This last one is a wrap skirt, and the only one not to feature either black or green. It is plaid though, and I found some nice ribbon to accent the top.
If any of you, besides Jenny, were paying any attention; I wore the top one on Sunday. Thanks for noticing Jenny.


Tifferz said...

great job! Are you going to make more? HOw long does it take to make 1 skirt?

Jenny said...

You're welcome. :) I like these skirts. They're cute.

Julie Sherwood said...

You have a great talent there Alex! I don't know that I would have even attempted those fabrics because of the difficulty. I love them!