Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Land of Not

Tiger knows so much, in fact, he is mastering opposites and other negatives.  If you ask him, "What color is your shirt?"  you may get a response of, "It's red."  More often we are getting the response of, "It's not blue."  

Other typical conversations with Tiger:

"What kind of truck is that?"
"It's not a Ford truck."
"Is it a Dodge truck?"
"It's not a Dodge truck."
"What kind of truck is that?"
"It's a fake (Toyota) truck!"

"Is Baby Blanket small?"
"He is not big."
"Is he big?"
"He is not big. He is small."

"What kind of underwear do you have today?"
"It's not Thomas underwear."
"What kind is it?"
"It's Mater underwear."

I feel like I am living in the land of Not.  Every conversation is as much about what something isn't as much as it is about what something is.  I hope this is only a phase, and that it doesn't last very long.  I don't think I could handle NOT conversations forever.

In other Tiger notes, he finally got a "Tiger special light" for his room.  It's one of those nightlights that costs like 3 cents a year to operate.  He is truly afraid of the dark, and that is the best way to handle it.  Mind you, we kept him in an artificially dark room for his whole life so that he would sleep later, and go to bed earlier in the summer.  The nightlight doesn't really undo all my window covering work, and it makes him feel more secure.


Brumbaugh Family said...

Don't you love what kiddos say. Hey, I decided to do some more posts with updates on what is going on send me you e-mail and I'll send you an invite because I'm am going to keep our blog private for now.

Jenny said...

Yes, I know the Land of Not. Fun place, isn't it? :)