Monday, October 6, 2008

Prom Pictures

See, Landee, I am going to do that great post you suggested about Prom photos.  So here are all my great prom photos:

Yep. That's all of them.  Look closely, you may even see that I half didn't care about going to prom.  I didn't have a boyfriend.  I didn't know any boys interested enough in going to the dance to even consider taking me.  Most of my friends weren't going. I didn't want to have to buy or make a dress (see my earlier post about me and finding dress clothes that I like).  I didn't have money for a new dress even if I made it.   I didn't have some anti-prom party like some of my friends did.  By the time my Senior Dinner Dance (our senior prom) I really had no desire to engage in all that headache for one night that didn't even promise to be really fun.  

In fact,  the only thing that I ever did for prom was get my friend a date.  She had never been asked to any school dances up to this point and this was going to be her last chance.  I knew she really wanted to go and liked this guy who liked me (that too, was not reciprocal) .  They were both seniors and I was a sophomore (and barely 16).   I convinced this guy to take my friend (and even helped him devise a way to ask her)  before he could even dream of asking me.  He didn't have a car or even a driver's license, so I had to find somebody else for them to go with.  At least when I asked this other guy to double with them,  I didn't have to find him a date!  
They all had a good time, and her parents and I explained ourselves (they were in on the secret) after the event was over.  


Landee said...

Look at you, you little matchmaker! Ah well, Prom isn't for everybody. I'll be honest, when I saw the title of your post I thought "There is no WAY Sox stooped to the level of going to Prom!"

I probably would have thought less of you had you gone... haha!!

The Evelands said...

Alex, where are the pictures? I can't see them!