Saturday, October 25, 2008

Catching up with the goings on.

Blanket is almost 11 months old and can do lots of new things.  He says "Mama, " "Dada," "uh-oh," (this one is very popular)  "do[g],"  "ba[ll],"  and will even say "all done," but you have to really be listening to hear that.  
He is thinking about learning to crawl. He does a great job pivoting on his belly if you put him on his tummy.  From his back he reaches with his hand and then creeps using his head and shoulder.  From a sitting position he will move 8 or 10 inches by pushing his hands against the floor and dragging his bum.  All his crawling effort comes from the waist up, but he is getting the idea that he should involve his feet.  Maybe by Christmas he will be mobile enough to change rooms. 

Tiger is starting to make up words to his favorite songs.  "The train on the bus goes chugga chugga all through the track." and "The key on the bus goes snap snap snap all around the town."  I really wondered about the last one because he had this pinching motion to go with it.  It took me half a day to figure out that he was talking about my VW key that operates like a switchblade.

I am really tired of these &@^$$ stitches.  It is hard to type, they are starting to annoy, the area needs a really good cleaning, and I am not in nearly as much pain as I was.  I want to be able to hold a book again.  I want to not have to wrap my finger in a bandaid twice a day, and to be able to  wash my hair without help.

Tonight is the ward trunk or treat party.  I have the boys' costumes ready.  Tiger is going as Charlie Brown (his costume last year) and Blanket is wearing the Tiger costume we got for Tiger when he was a baby.  Does anyone remember what time it is at?  I missed church last week due to my finger

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Jenny said...

I think it's from 6-8pm(that's what I have written on my calendar anyway--I hope it's right).

When did Blanket start talking? Glad he's starting to crawl (or should I give my condolences? :) ) H is JUST figuring out how to actually alternate legs and crawl the "normal" way. Mostly he pulls himself forward with his arms.