Monday, October 27, 2008

Nancy Drew strikes again

I must have turned into Nancy Drew, because I have solved two mysteries involving the same toy in the last 6 months.  

Grandma gave Tiger the Edward train from Thomas and Friends for his birthday.  Edward and his tender accidentally got thrown away more than once, but they always got plucked from the trash.  In April or May Nancy took on the Case of the Missing Coal.  Edward's tender was missing its coal.  Gone.  Nancy looked for it from time to time, and then one day she moved the trash can.  The coal dropped to the floor.  After some glue to repair a crack and to prevent further accidents, Nancy considered this case: closed. 

About a month later Nancy was put on The Case of Blue Tender.  Blue Tender went missing. After her previous success, Nancy looked in odd places for Blue Tender.  She even looked in the trash can.  Nancy spent 20 minutes or so a day for more than a week working on the case.  Eventually she concluded that Blue Tender must have been thrown away.  There was no finding it.  Nancy and her husband, Mr. Hardy, would ask, "Where's Blue Tender?" but Tiger didn't know.  Tiger started asking us and we would respond in kind.  Nancy was off this case.  

Last night Nancy opened a new case:  The Case of the Missing Photo Album. Mr. Hardy needed some information that was in it.  Nancy looked in all the usual places.  Books tend to wander under our couches, so that seemed like a good searching spot.  Though she did not find the album there (it was in the toy box) she did find Blue Tender under the couch. 

Wow. One good search of the house solved two cases.  Nancy is getting really good at solving cases.  Maybe she should take up cold cases for other people while luck is still on her side.

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Julie Sherwood said...

Would Nancy like to solve the case of "The Missing Pirate Costume"? Somehow we have lost the shirt/vest to JoJo's "Jack Sparrow" halloween costume. Only problem it could be in AZ or CA - we're not sure...