Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Take 5

So I thought I should post some pictures of my latest quilt. I made it from a pattern I bought called Take 5.  It is published by The Teacher's Pet and is available from most quilt shops and online quilt retailers. 
Here's some detail of the quilting .  Click on the picture for a better look.  I took these with super-high resolution so it should be easier to see.  I quilted it with a trilobal polyester variegated thread.  I made my own design and stencil for the outer border design.  I drew the rest right onto the quilt. 

Here is a picture of the quilt (and a few toys that didn't get moved far enough).  Again, click the picture for a better view.  If you are familiar with a Take 5 then you may even be able to find the mistakes that happened  when Tiger grabbed my blocks and reordered them for me.  I noticed after I put the inner border on.  I wasn't about to undo it at that point.

Now I just need to find the right way to hang it on my wall.  Yes, this is about to be art for my home.  If you have suggestions for quilt hanging kits or the best way to make my own (hardware stores and tools don't scare me at all).  I would even just take some plans or rough ideas. 

FYI:  This is the quilt I was  working on when I cut my finger.  


Birrd said...

I love the designs in the quilting! Beautiful! Well done!

Jenny said...

Beautiful!!! I love the colors. And the quilting is really neat. All the quilts I've made are tied. I just don't have the patience do all those stiches. So, where are you going to hang it?