Thursday, March 12, 2009

A purse by any other name.

For most of my readers this won't come as a shock: I am not a purse person. I don't like them. They just don't fit my style of being me.  I have lived my life to this point with my wallet in my back pocket and my keys and cell phone in my front pockets.  

If I thought I needed a bag I would graduate from being relatively unprepared (keys, money, cell phone) to overly prepared for every possible contingency.  I would put a few things in a backpack, and then a few more, and then even more.  

Over the last few years I have misplaced my wallet on a few occasions due to the fact it slips out of my back pocket. Women's jeans are just not meant for wallet people. This happened a couple of weeks ago and B.A.R. joked with me about needing a bag of some kind.
I was starting to warm up to the idea because I was tired of always carrying my planner around (this is meaningful when you realize I still carry my 15 month old around too) along with anything else that was "necessary" for my outing. A backpack was more than I wanted. I really just wanted a wallet I could wear that would hold my planner. I actually spent two whole days at the end of February searching for the right bag for me.

I found many I liked, most were the right bag, but they wouldn't hold my planner (or much more than a diaper and sunglasses). Or I they would hold my planner, and my laptop, and every toy my child owns. Really. I just wanted a smallish bag.
I happened upon a store at Park Meadows that I had never seen before. and I went in for a look. The first bag I pulled off the shelf was too big, but the second one was soooooo good I knew I was in love. I tried really hard to find a bag I liked almost as much for less money, but I could not. I did buy this one on ebay for about $10 off MSRP, but it is still a hefty price tag. But it's ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag, and I only got it in the mail yesterday.

It's a Vera Bradley Mailbag in Cupcakes Green.  It may seem funny, but I had never even heard of Vera Bradley before I walked into that store and fell in love (with a bag).

There is only one problem. It's not my "purse" because I am not a purse person. My new bag needs a name. Any suggestions?


Jenny said...

I really like your new bag. The colors and the design are really cool. I'm glad you found one you like.

Why not just call it "my bag"?

StandsMom said...

I know someone who loves Vera bags. She calls it her 'pocketbook.' Course, that's what my grandma called her purse, so I refuse that title. I used to hate purses. I used to hate most things like that. Then I found one that I really fell in love with. Now, I have a very few that I'm emotionally attached to. But to those few, I'm more attached than a person should be. Enjoy your new Vera!!

Jason Acosta said...

The Green Monster.

Jason Acosta said...

Also, Gumby, Greenzilla, Jolly (Green Giant), (Green) Hornet........The Al Gore, cuz, ya know-he's sooo GREEN.....( I just know you'll LOVE that one!). I think of any more...I'll let ya know.

Landee said...

What about your satchel? Kinda old school, I know, but still good.

Love the new satchel, by the way, very cute. (See? It just flows off the tongue)

Selene said...

yep this looks like you!

Booher Blogs said...

Love the bag! I would call it Sprite.

S and J plus 2 said...

I see an issue here...the bag matches the green polyester dress suit you bought in Russia 10 years ago!! It's the same color!!!!