Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I am out running errands today and I get two complements on my new sidekick.  TWO! in less than one hour.  I do always give credit to the Vera Bradley company for making such a cute article.   But I am not the kind of person who loves compliments.   I only give them out when I am really impressed.  Maybe you could say that I am stingy with them, but that is who I am.  I bought Sprite the Satchel (Thanks Lisa and Landee for naming it) so that I could have a functional accessory in a color that I liked; not so that it would get noticed every time I went out in public.   I want to be given complements the same way I give them: moderately stingy.  I guess if I assume people took the time to tell me they must really like Sprite.  I don't care if other people like it: I like it and that's enough for me. 

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