Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Life and Times of the Tiger.

Lately, I have been trying to appreciate Tiger's strengths, and find the things he does well.  He spends so much time frustrating me with his antics, phobias, and inability (coupled with lack of desire) to do things for himself that I have been focusing on the positive and really enjoy him for who he is.  Tiger has a talent for language.  He loves big words. He loves big ideas.  He will try to use any word he thinks he knows what it means.  It also means that he could say "elephant" and "combine" clearly before Blanket was born, and that he says "not really," or "maybe not," instead of "no."  
During the third year of his life "ekavator" changed to "excavator" and "kwonkweet mickers" changed to "concrete mixer."  I was just happy that he knew what those were before he turned two.  He constantly surprises us with words we didn't know that he knew.  Like he did yesterday.

I have been looking for a doughnut cutter (like a buscuit cutter, but it cuts the hole at the same time).  I looked in all the usual places, and nobody had it.  I didn't want to order a $3 item and have to pay $8 shipping, so I kept looking.  Someone told me about Compleat Gourmet and Gifts in Centennial.  I went there and they had a couple of different ones.  The saleslady offered me both and I said, "I'll take that one." and pointed to the one I wanted.  
Tiger then said "That's perfect.  Thank you."
I was floored.  I didn''t know that he knew the word "perfect," let alone how to use it.  And since when does he get to speak for me?  I have created a monster.
Tiger also likes to show off his understanding of conversations, and offer his opinion on subjects.  The other day B.A.R. was very sick with a sinus infection and said that he was going upstairs to take a bath to help clear his sinuses.  Tiger responded with "Daddy, you don't take a bath, you want to take a shower."  So B.A.R. took a shower because Tiger suggested it!  This kind of advice giving happens more often than I care to think about, though not every day.

I should have known his language skills are improving rapidly right now.  He says "Ka-CHOW" just like Lightning McQueen.  I didn't help him with it at all.  He just started saying it one day.  He also likes to say other quotes from Cars.  He also easily says Ghostlight and Banshee.  

I am happy that spring is upon us and Tiger can play outside most days in his sand box.  I am very sad that I now have to vacuum every day to pick up the sand that I find EVERYWHERE.  I even washed my sheets this morning because he crawled in my bed yesterday with his shoes on after having played in the sand box.   NO MORE TIGERS JUMPING ON THE BED!

I love all the good things about my little boy, now if I could just learn to love the rest.

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