Friday, March 6, 2009

Packages are great.

I was vacuuming the other day and the boys were just getting in my way.  They would follow me from room to room and insist on being where I needed to vacuum.  I was vacuuming the office when Tiger comes in and says "Mommy, I get the package."  I knew I heard him right, but was unsure that he knew what he was talking about.  So I went and peeked through the door and saw that I did, in fact, get a package.  He must have heard it because he was near the door, and I didn't because I was in the other room with Blanket vacuuming.  This is a good thing, because he used to just answer the door without us.  He has learned his lessons.

I opened the door and realized that I hadn't ordered anything, and I wondered where this package had come from.  When I opened it I remembered that my SIL was going to send me something.  I got this great book
in the mail from her. Thanks, Julie.  The box was rather too big for the book, and so was overflowing with packing peanuts.
I still wanted wanted to get the vacuuming done, so I offered the box and the packing peanuts to the boys if they (peanuts) would stay contained in the office until I was done vacuuming.

They did a pretty good job of keeping the mess in the room (considering they are 37 and 15 months).  I kept my sanity because they weren't in my way most of the time I was vacuuming.  And when I was all done Blanket helped put the stuff back in the box (Tiger refused) and then I had to vacuum the office to get the last few bits.  The vacuum was already out, so no big deal.

Sometimes the best part of the gift is the packaging (at least that's how they saw it).


Ian and Kristin said...

Isn't that the truth? When you're young the box is more exciting then what came in the box! So funny!

Joanna said...

OK those packaging peanuts are EVIL, pure evil lol!! I hate them with a passion! You are a much more patient and kind mother than I!!!

So you want to know about my shower curtain!! I bought it only about 2 months ago from TJ Maxx!! So if you have one close by, check it out. I think it was around 14 bucks, so a decent price. I just love it!!

And hey I'm an LDS SAHM too!