Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random happenings about the house.

Tiger has a new word for "yes."  This goes very well with his "not really" and "maybe not" instead of "no."  He says "of course."  I asked him the other day if he wanted his breakfast and he answered, "Not Really."  B.A.R. asked him a few minutes later and he said, "Of course!"   "Yes was a word he did not want to learn.  He rarely says it, even now.  Usually it is "Ok," "that's great," or some other phrase of agreement.

Blanket failed to take a nap the other day and so was extremely tired at 4 o'clock.  I figured I would give him dinner and put his pajamas on that way he could go to bed on a full stomach as soon as he was ready.  He ate about half his dinner and then fell asleep in his highchair.  (Sorry there is no photo.)  He had one hand hanging over the bowl and his other grasped a spoon.  His head flopped to one side and he snored quietly.  After about half an hour he stirred and lifted his head. He then put his hand in the bowl and continued eating.  I was reminded of the scene in Disney's Sleeping Beauty when the spell is broken and the king wakes up and continues his meal and conversation right where it left off.  I WISH I had it on video it was priceless.

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Jason Acosta said...

I wish you had it on video too! That is too cute.