Thursday, June 19, 2008

What to do on a Wednesday afternoon.

I last time I really worked on my quilt was when I did the coffee bit.  I have been meaning to move my living room into my dining room so that I can have space to baste it, but alas that is more work than I wanted to do.  I still needed to make stencils for the quilting, so that is what I did yesterday.  

The one is the Browning Buckmark, and the other is some interlocking waves that I drew up.  I got the idea from this book I got the other day Mindful Meandering.

I did this between the pool and Target, and then after dinner before enrichment yesterday.  I would recommend that you do this with an X-acto knife with a round, pencil-sized handle. I did it with a folding drywall knife/box cutter because that's all we had.  My finger hurt all night.

Maybe I will move the furniture today.  Oh, wait.  I want to go to the museum this morning, and I need to clean the house because B.A.R. is coming home today from his trip and I like the house to be in some sort of order when he gets here. 

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