Monday, June 16, 2008

Seeing yourself in your kids

I know we have all had the experience of seeing your kids do something that reminds you of yourself.  I know it is usually when they bring out our worst qualities that we notice, and wish we could change.   Tiger is smart like me and it is to his detriment sometimes.  Blanket is bringing out the ghosts of my past.

While I was growing up, I was always told that I hated baby food and sneezed or spit it on the person feeding me.  I struggled to eat enough and didn't grow very much.  I wasn't motivated to grow or learn to move. (I did spend time mastering my slave).

So now, while I spend time scraping rice cereal off my face, and 20 minutes hoping to get Blanket to swallow any amount of cereal  I am reminded of all those stories about me as a kid.  While I was just worried about his slow growth I realized he was turning into me, albeit with a much higher birthweight.  All the things my caregivers hated about me,  are about to find their way into my life.  Its like overcoming myself a whole generation later.  fun.

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