Sunday, June 22, 2008

How to spend a Saturday

Friday night, after the kids went to bed.  I moved all the toys and the coffee table out of the living room.  I laid out my batting and my backing.  I got out my 505 spray adhesive and basted them the easy way!  Then I went to baste my top on, and I was out of spray.  It's now too late to go get any more, so my quilt sat there until Saturday at 9:30 when High Prairie Quilts opened so that I could go get some more. 

Meanwhile Tiger is not avoiding the quilt, he is running over it and driving his dump truck over it and driving me insane!  Finally, it is basted!  I folded it up so that I could do other things for a while.  I cleaned the house a bit, I went grocery shopping with the kids, and during nap time I QUILTED!!! 

I finally got to use my sewing machine to quilt (which was what I really wanted it for).  I got a lot of quilting done.  I got frustrated because most of the fabrics are dark and my marking pencil just didn't show up.  I need to know if someone has information on a light (white) air erasable or wash-away marking pen.  Or if someone knows the best way to draw stencils on dark fabrics.

We went for a walk in the afternoon  to relive some of my quilting frustrations.  B.A.R. and I got to talk about things that never seem to get addressed at home.  Tiger got tired at the end, so we put him in the basket of the stroller, and he rode the rest of the way in the stroller.

I quilted after the kids went to bed and had a few ideas on how to make my stencil problem work.   I must confess my quilt won't be show quality, but how about finishing your first quilt and being proud of that!

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My Full Hands said...

Congrats on your quilt. I have been itching to sew a baby quilt for a friend and can't even seem to get to the fabric store!!!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your walk also. It can be so refreshing to take some time out.